Filth Recording was founded in 2006 as a creative recording company by Chad Farris. Located in Paris, TX, Filth Recording is a small studio that will give you a big sound.

 When you step inside the studio, you will notice that we strive on keeping our overhead low in order to pass the savings on to our clients.

 Filth Recording is capable of recording 24 tracks on our Tascam 2488 NEO and Unlimited tracks via our Pro Tools system.  We also do both live field and live multi-track recording so you can capture the energy of the band as well as the crowd.

 Feel free to play our vintage instruments and amps while recording at Filth!

 Since it's inception, Filth has expanded to include a top-notch recording system, artist, producer and writer management divisions with our partnership with MHM-Universal.

 We pride ourselves on catering to the independent musician and singer/songwriters. You can record an acoustic album or take advantage of our studio musicians.  You have the option of having your work produced by me, bring in your own producer or be your own producer.  We work for you and have a plan that will fit your budget  starting at $100 for a 4-song demo.  Mixing and mastering start at $25.

 As always, you keep all of your master recordings!  Contact Filth Recording today to schedule your session!

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