When should I record?
Once you have all of the material you plan on recording rehearsed well.  This is not really the time to experiment with a song.  Time is money!

When should I book my session?
As soon as possible.  We book up to 3 months in advance but sometimes dates change and we may be able to squeeze you in.

When should I pay?
After you book your session and amount of time you want, we will give you a total estimated amount.  You pay half when you show up and the other half once everything is finished.  We do not issue refunds but do offer studio credit for any time remaining.

What happens if there is an unexpected delay?
Easy answer is if it is our fault, you will not be charged for the delay.  If it is your fault, you pay.  We are very reasonable when it comes to your recording time.  Sometimes if things run over, we do it free of charge.

Can I rent your studio and bring in my own engineer?

Can I rent your studio/engineer and bring in my own producer?

What is the difference between an engineer and producer?
An engineer sets up microphones and turns knobs.  A producer schedules, arranges, makes suggestions coaches and guides you.  At the end of the day, it is your album and we want you to be pleased.  Any suggestion that I make as a producer is only a suggestion.

Why do I need mastering?
You want your final mix to be clean, clear and "Radio Ready".

Do you use Autotune?
Easy answer is no.  We do have a copy to use with ProTools but prefer not to use it.  We feel EVERYTHING is over produced these days and we trying to make your recording sound as "Live" as possible
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